Dog Training

Training should be a part of every happy dog’s life. Basic dog training is essential for anyone who wants to enjoy life with his or her dog without worries. A trained dog is happy because it knows that it is making its master happy.

If you want to come to us to observe a group training, we will be glad to see you. Group dog training in Žilina – Lietava is held every Saturday at 9:00. We will be happy to receive any tentative visit (just call us to make sure).

Dog training helps you control your pet in unpredictable situations, makes your dog unaggressive and performs your commands with joy. Dog training centre is the right place for your dog to meet new friends, release its energy, and makes its life richer.

Any dog can obey, there just must be someone to teach it. And dog training is the right way.

For training for dogs, you will pay € 350. This price includes:


Theoretical Foundations of Training

Each training is based on theoretical foundations. Training is not only for the dog but also for its owner. When training a dog, we are not only teaching dogs, but especially their owners. Because if a dog does not have proper guidance, it is able to learn good habits.

During the training, we explain all commands to the owners, and we try our best to show, and actively communicate with the owners. Owners of dogs being trained can contact us in case of any problems with raising and inappropriate behaviour of their dog.

Socialisation of a puppy

Training of a dog can begin from its early age. When the dog starts to respond to its name after coming home, there is nothing in your way to visit our dog training centre.

Owners make most mistakes in raising during the first months of their puppy’s life. During this time, the puppies build basic skills. If you avoid making mistakes in the beginning and your dog does not learn bad habits because of inappropriate guidance, you will have a lot less problems with your dog in the future.

When training a puppy, mostly playing and basic habits are used. Your puppy will learn to play with other dogs, it builds a positive relationship with them and you will avoid aggression in the future. We will teach you how to walk your dog on a leash in the right way, we will advise you how to choose the right dog collar and show you how to play properly with your dog.

Individual consultations

During these five hours the dog trainer concentrates exclusively on you and your dog. The trainer answers all your questions, explains the issues and fixes any problems which you face when bringing up your dog. After taking from these lessons you and your dog are ready for passing the basic dog training.

Basic training

The basic training is a very important part of the training. Your dog will learn basic obedience, handles basic commands and works directly with the owner. The trainer is actively involved in the training, communicating with owners, responding to any questions and solving problems. All commands are explained in detail, performed, and made clear to the owner.

During the basic training, the dog will learn to do the following:

  • basic posture
  • movement of the dog handler with the dog
  • free movement on command
  • call in
  • sit, get up, lie down at the foot or in front of the dog handler
  • putting a dog aside
  • fetching items
  • posting to a direction
  • barking on command
  • stopping undesirable activities
  • rejection of found or given food
  • indifference to gunfire
  • indifference to people in public
  • overcoming obstacles

Basics of defense

The training also includes basics of defense. During this part of the training, your dog will learn that it must not be aggressive without any command, but it must protect its owner assets upon a command.

Training involves the development of malice, distrust and courage against persons, detention and letting go, guarding a person or items. Dogs understand all of these commands as a game. As long as the dog is well trained, it will never attack a human or a dog without a command!

Elimination of problem behaviour

Dog owners have got often problems with their pets that need to be addressed individually. During dog training we are working to ensure that we tackle these bad habits and help to live the dog a hassle-free life together with its owner, who is not constantly under stress about troubles made by the dog.

Very often we work particularly with elimination of aggression, undesired hunting, destruction of items and the like.

The dog training can be completed

1) in the presence of the owner

  • individually
  • subsequent inclusion in group training

2) without the owner (with accommodation)

  • the training takes approximately 14 days
  • followed by a lecture and individual lessons

3) maintaining exercises

  • group exercises
  • taking place once per week (Saturday)

4) individual training

  • in working days as agreed
And if you don’t know to put your dog during your absence, take advantage of our services of the hotel for dogs.

You can take a look into our complete price list as well.